Protects Patients

Protecting your patients from hospital-associated infections (HAIs) is a critical part of your healthcare mission. The Trinity System gives patients the safest possible hospital experience, eliminating 99.99% of microorganisms and reducing C. diff infection rates by over 50%.

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Protects Resources

By lowering HAI rates, the Trinity System helps you avoid CMS penalties while reducing un-reimbursed costs. In addition, the Trinity System can extend the useful life of your mattress inventory, keeping your expenses down.

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Protects Reputation

The Trinity System strengthens your hospital’s brand and marketability. As your HAI rates decline, both physicians and patients become more likely to choose your hospital. And because the Trinity covers are reusable and launderable, your hospital stands out as a “green” leader.

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The Trinity Patient Protection System is designed, first and foremost, to help protect the health and safety of your patients. A launderable, reusable barrier cover for beds, pillows, stretchers and physical therapy tables, the Trinity System is proven to reduce C. diff infections by over 50%. This is significant, because C. diff infections increase mortality risk by 13%. While offering unmatched protection, the barrier covers don’t interfere with the clinical functions of the bed, pillow or therapy table.

What makes the Trinity System the most effective cover on the market today?

  1. Complete Barrier Protection. Bacteria on mattresses are proven to contribute to HAIs through horizontal transmission. With its fluid-proof barrier covers, the Trinity System protects the patient from this kind of infection.
  2. Launderability. When laundered to CDC standards, the combination of mechanical agitation, detergent, dilution, 180-degree water, and chlorine eliminates 99.99% of microorganisms. High-heat drying helps kill off any residual bacteria and spores.
  3. Eliminates Pathogen Host. The Trinity System not only protects your patients from surface bacteria on mattresses, but also from bio-matter that accumulates between the end of the mattress and the footboard. These contaminants are eliminated from the room when the cover is removed at patient discharge--a much more effective process than traditional terminal cleaning.

The Trinity Patient Protection System gives patients the safest possible hospital experience. Contact us to learn what the Trinity System can do for patients at your hospital.

Protecting your hospital’s assets and revenues is critical to your organization’s long-term financial health. The Trinity Patient Protection System safeguards your resources in the following ways:

  • Hospitals with high rates of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) risk significant financial penalties from CMS. Because the Trinity System can lower infection rates, hospitals are better able to avoid these penalties.
  • HAIs are no longer reimbursed under new CMS regulations. With each hospital-associated C. diff infection costing hospitals between $15,000-$20,000, the financial impact of HAIs can be significant. By lowering your HAI rates, the Trinity System helps reduce your un-reimbursed costs.
  • C. diff patients have a 77% greater chance of re-admission within 30 days. Moreover, these patients experience a hospital stay that is on average five days longer. The Trinity System helps you keep re-admissions and extended hospital stays to a minimum, lowering your expenses.
  • Trinity’s barrier covers, when properly laundered, offer a surface that is 99.99% bacteria-free. As a result, the mattress and bed deck can be cleaned with less-stringent methods, prolonging their useful life and reducing the need to purchase new equipment.
  • A 2013 University of Massachusetts study showed that 25% of the mattresses covers in one facility were compromised in such a way that fluids could enter through them. The Trinity barrier cover protects mattresses from wear and tear, extending the life of the mattress. If the Trinity cover itself is torn or punctured, laundry staff can easily apply a patch.
  • Trinity’s product aligns well with any no-touch disinfection processes that does not have efficacy on soft surfaces. If you’ve already invested in a no-touch system, you can continue using it together with the Trinity System.

The Trinity Patient Protection System isn’t just the right choice for your patients—it’s the right choice for your bottom line as well. Contact us to learn more about how the Trinity System can protect your resources.

A high rate of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) can be devastating for your hospital’s brand. And with infection rates being made public in national and local media, as well as in online advocacy groups, there’s nowhere to hide bad news.

The Trinity Patient Protection System safeguards not only your patients, but your hospital’s brand and reputation. For example:

  • By adopting the Trinity System, you send a signal to physicians and patients that your hospital puts patient safety first.
  • As your HAI rates decline, physicians will note your performance and be more likely to refer patients to you. Patients seeking the best possible care will also choose your facility over others.
  • The Trinity System can play an important role in patient satisfaction. Since Trinity barrier covers offer a clean appearance while eliminating residual disinfectant odor, patients are incentivized to rank their hospital higher in HCAHPS patient satisfaction surveys. This is significant, since satisfaction scores are used by CMS to determine a hospital's portion of Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements.
  • HAIs are gaining the attention of plaintiff attorneys and, at the same time, getting easier to prove. Reducing your infection rates minimizes the risk to your brand from litigation.
  • By eliminating the need for off-label use of hard-surface disinfectants on soft/porous surfaces, the Trinity System gives your hospital a further line of defense against HAI claims.
  • The Trinity System, with its reusable and launderable covers, is an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical disinfectants and throw-away towelettes. By using the Trinity System, your hospital is positioned as a “green” leader.

Don’t let HAIs harm your hospital’s brand. Contact us to learn how the Trinity System can provide the protection you need.

Clinically Proven To Reduce Hospital-Associated C. Diff

The Trinity Patient Protection System was designed to address a serious and all-too-common problem in today’s hospitals: patient beds are contaminated. Poorly sanitized beds result in the spread of hospital-associated infections (HAIs) such as C. diff, MRSA, and staph. Every year, more than 720,000 patients will experience these and other infections, and 75,000 will die.*

The Trinity Patient Protection System is revolutionizing the way hospitals safeguard their patients’ wellbeing. Proudly made in the USA, the Trinity System is the most effective disinfectant solution on the market today.

The Trinity barrier covers offer a number of advantages over typical cleaners, such as:

Improved patient safety. Peer reviewed research has shown that Trinity Guardion’s launderable infection control solutions consistently removes 99.99% of bacteria compared to traditional cleaning methods. Moreover, the Trinity System reduces C. diff infections by about 50%.

A sustainable and repeatable procedure. Applying and removing the Trinity covers is a sustainable process that can be done the same way every time, resulting in consistently clean mattresses, pillows, stretchers and physical therapy tables.

Ease of use. Putting on and taking off the Trinity barrier cover typically takes less than 90 seconds after minimal training of personnel.

Environmentally friendly design. The Trinity bed covers are reusable, so unlike disposable towelettes, nothing goes into landfills. Furthermore, when residual chlorine used in the laundering process enters the sewage system it can reduce the amount of chlorine additive used by the water utility.

Less wear and tear on mattress inventory. Trinity’s barrier covers reduce the need for strong disinfectants to clean the mattress, resulting in an extended lifespan and cost savings.

Healthier choice for staff. Because the Trinity System requires less-stringent disinfectants, there’s a lower risk of asthmatic reaction and other health repercussions among hospital staff.

Learn about how the Trinity Patient Protection System safeguards your patients, your resources and your brand.

*Statics referenced from


Hospital Savings

Number of Beds


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* Figures based on national average data. More information is needed for a detailed ROI.


Trinity Guardion Patient Protection System

Founded in 2010, Trinity Guardion is addressing one of the most serious health crises today—the rise of hospital-associated infections (HAIs). HAIs lead to more than 720,000 illnesses and 75,000 deaths a year. In fact, more people die from HAIs each year than from automobile accidents. Furthermore, HAIs are a huge financial burden, adding $30 billion to annual healthcare costs.

The American-made Trinity Patient Protection System gives hospitals the solution they need to reduce and eliminate HAIs. Launderable, reusable, cost-effective and eco-friendly, the Trinity System’s fluid-proof covers fit around beds, pillows, stretchers and physical therapy tables. Unlike typical disinfectant agents designed for hard surfaces, the Trinity System keeps bacteria off the porous surface of the mattress, as well as, the bed deck. When laundered to CDC standards, the Trinity System removes 99.99% of bacteria and has been proven to reduce C. diff infection rates by about 50%.

Offering an unmatched level of protection against HAIs, the Trinity Patient Protection System is the infection control solution of choice for hospital providers and administrators. Learn more about how the Trinity System protects your patients, resources and brand.


Bruce Rippe, CEO

Bruce Rippe joined the company in 2009. He was responsible for the development and validation of the Trinity Guardion barrier cover, for which he is also a co-patent holder. Prior to Trinity Guardion, Bruce served as CEO of Romweber. He has more than 30 years of experience in furniture manufacturing and product development, as well as nearly 20 years in creating patient-room products for Hill-Rom and Med-Mizer. In addition to his work at Trinity Guardion, Bruce serves as Board Chair for Batesville Senior Café, a developer of affordable senior housing in Southeast Indiana. Bruce holds a BSBA in accounting from Xavier University.

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Ardis Hoven MD, Board Member

Board-certified in internal medicine and infectious disease, with more than 30 years as a practicing physician, Ardis Hoven is the immediate past president and a long-time board member of the American Medical Association. Ardis was named by Modern Healthcare magazine as one of the 25 top women in healthcare, and one of the 100 most influential people in healthcare. Ardis received her undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Kentucky and her internal medicine and infectious disease training at the University of North Carolina.

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Troy Reiff RN, Board Member

Troy Reiff is a seasoned healthcare administrator with more than 18 years of experience in senior management positions at long-term acute-care hospitals. Troy also serves on various medical start-up boards of advisers as well as that of a nonprofit organization, RFID Consortium for Healthcare. Formerly the Chief Clinical Officer at Solstice Medical, an Indianapolis-based maker of data analytics software, Troy is currently VP of Clinical Operations at Mainstreet. Troy received his BS from Bellevue University and his RN from Ivy Tech Community College.

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George Hagen, Board Member

An entrepreneur at heart, George Hagan has founded companies in healthcare, real estate, food service and technology. George has been involved in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years, with experience running organizations of all sizes. Among the healthcare companies he launched is Providence Pavilion, a premier nursing and rehabilitation facility in Northern Kentucky. Currently George is the principle at Hagan Enterprise. Born and raised in Western Kentucky, George graduated from the University of Kentucky.

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Mike Goonewardene, Board Member

Mike Goonewarden has 26 years of senior executive leadership experience in medical service companies, including multiple start-ups, hospital support services providers, and medical device reprocessing companies. He is currently Vice President and General Manager, International, at Stericycle. A native of Indiana, Mike received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University and an MBA from Pepperdine. In addition to serving on the Trinity Guardion board of directors, Mike sits on the board of the Western States Hospital Materials Management Association.

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