Infection Prevention Professionals

Your focus: healthcare-associated infections (HAI). You need to prevent patient suffering, reduce your hospital’s HAI rates, and manage infection reduction protocols.


  • Ineffectively cleaned and disinfected beds/mattresses have been proven to increase HAI risk.
  • FDA Reusable Medical Device Regulations require bed/mattress manufacturers to validate a six-log bacteria removal (99.9999%) on hospital beds and mattresses.
  • Current disinfection methods don’t achieve a one-log (90%) disinfected mattress surface.
  • Hard-surface disinfectants are often incompatible with mattress surfaces -- challenges the disinfection process and causes mattress failures.
  • New manufacturer (FDA compliant) cleaning and disinfection instructions for use require up to six steps. This is much more than current process.
  • Hospitals must now comply with manufacturers’ instructions for use requiring bed/mattress inspection and documentation after each patient.


  • Cross-transmission risk is greatly reduced by the consistent, repeatable Soteria laundry process.
  • The Soteria™ Bed Barrier is laundered after each patient -- eliminates most time-consuming manual steps to clean and disinfect the mattress and bed deck.
  • The Soteria bed barrier is laundered using high heat and chlorine-based disinfection processes – follows CDC guidelines to address pathogens.
  • After each laundering the barcoded bed barrier is inspected to ensure a sound surface for the next patient.
  • The Soteria Bed Barrier is made of a breathable textile that blocks fluids, soils and microbes.

Soteria Bed Barrier is clinically proven to reduce hospital acquired C.diff by 50%.